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The ultimate problem library of death

KoW User to User tech support

  • From Tjardie:

    NOTE: all TimeGate links are dead links.

    Since the same question are often popping up I decided to make a nice post about al the errors and solution/no solutions of these problems. I will updating this post when new problems pop-up. Correct me please if I made any mistake in this post.

    When your problem is not in the text below you should make a new thread with:
    1. A clear explanation of the problem
    2. Log files of the crash if they are there
    3. DXDiag
    4. maybe some kind of a screenshot.

    When there is no solution by the normal people, you should contact Take 2 for europe.

    Look for more information:

    1. Instead of upgrading my settlement, it is tearing apart!!

    This is caused by an invalid cd-key or poorly hacked version of the game. If you really bought the game you should return it to the store and ask for a new one.

    2. "An error has occured: thread MAIN caught unhandled exception-Access Violation (C0000005) trapped at *******"

    This is a standard error message you get when your game crashes.
    You should check if your computer reaches the minimum system requirements. If they are you should contact not TimeGate but the publisher of the game. In case of european version that is Take2.

    3. If you are experiencing frequent or common crashes/lockups,see here:

    4. If you are experiencing crashes right away when you start, the solution is here:

    See Post #2, this thread.

    5. Experiencing Internet problems? Look here:

    See Post #3, this thread.

    6. Lost your cd-key? Look here:

    7. Do you have problems with multiple monitors?

    There is no solution, KoW doesn't support it.

    Can try:

    Find your k2.exe file, go to the Properties --> compatibility and:
    1. Disable visual themes
    2. Disable desktop composition

    8. Is your game freezing and beeping doing odd?

    You may have a video-card which is not supported by KoW.

    9. won't the game start and give this message? mss32.dll was not found

    Try reinstalling the game or do this:
    mss32.dll is a Miles Sound System file. Download "The Miles Sound Tools" from Install it. Go to folder where you installed it ("C:\Program Files\Miles Sound Tools"). Select mss32.dll file and copy it to your installation folder of KOW.

    10. 2 kinds of errors? 1. thread MAIN caught unhandled exception - Access Violation (C0000005) trapped at 1B:0
    2. thread ASYNC caught unhandled exception - Microsoft C++ Exception (E06D7363) trapped at 1B:7C81EB33 - timeout waiting for mutex"

    this indicates that your pc does not match the minimum requirements.

    11. You can't host? You probably need to open some ports in your router or modem.

    You have to open 3 ports, 3784, 6500, & 5860 to be able to host.

    12. You are unpacking the demo and it seems it is freezing?

    Don't worry just wait wait wait and it will continue automaticly.

    13. Getting random crashes here and there. Total freeze-ups, blue screens and **** like that?

    First you should check your system requirements
    Second you should update every freaking driver you have
    Third you should check if you don't use unsupported hardware like windows server 2003 or something. Or some odd unknown video card.

    Since timegate did not test the game on these it is impossible to say if it will work.

    I made this wonderful post at university at a boring hour.
    It seems a bit unnecessary. But I liked to make it. Can it be placed in a sticky?

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  • 4. If you are experiencing crashes right away when you start, the solution is:

    If you are experiencing an immediate startup crash with Kohan II, please ensure that you are not blocking the k2.exe with Windows' Data Execution Prevention (DEP).

    To check your DEP settings, follow these steps:
    Right-click on My Computer.
    Select Properties.
    Click on the Advanced tab.
    Click on Settings button under Performance.
    Click on the Data Execution Prevention tab.
    Check if you have DEP turned on for all programs and services.
    If you have DEP turned on for all programs and services, use the Add... button to create an exception for k2.exe.
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  • 5. Experiencing Internet problems? Look here:

    Kohan II and Windows XP SP2 Firewall

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes a firewall update that may block some Kohan II internet functions. If you recently updated to SP2 and are experiencing internet problems, please try the following:

    1. Start Menu->Control Panel
    2. Double-click "Windows Firewall"
    3. You should be looking at a new window labeled "Windows Firewall". Make sure the "Don't allow exceptions" box is unchecked in the "General" tab
    4. Click on the "Exceptions" tab and if the game is not on the list, then continue to step 5. If the game is already listed as an Exception, nothing else needs to be done
    5. Click "Add Program..." in the "Exceptions"
    6. Either find the game in the list of programs, or click "Browse..." and find the executable for the game from where it is installed (K2.exe)
    7. Click "OK" on the "Add a Program" window.
    8. Click "OK" on the Windows Firewall" window
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