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Kalisari's Kohan Tactics, Part 1: Scouting

Basic and Advanced Tactics as penned by Kalisari

  • There's so much to cover about KAG...
    Most of the facts people will already recognize. Especially the better players. However, I find that most players are lacking information in 1 area or another.
    So... let's begin.

    Part 1: Scouting.

    Honestly, this is probably the most important part, and the part that people do the least. Oh, there are those who scout forward early in the game. However, very very few players ever scout their whole side of the map, or continue to scout later on. One of the best players in modern KAG, Macleod, almost always has his section of the map completely scouted. In fact, it plays a large role in his success.

    So why is scouting so important? Several reasons.
    a) Free lairs. Sure you might only find one every 3-4 games that's actually gold and not a tech, but that's 30, 80, or 120 gold for free! This is essentially 1-3 minute's worth of income in early-game. Used properly, this boost can give you a huge econ boost on your opponents along with the troops you have.
    b) It finds you all your targets: your indies, enemy indies to strike early to try to raze, lairs (both yours and theirs), and the location of their settlements to raid. It may also inform you that all the indies are on the opponent's side and you need to rush hard to win.
    c) it reduces micro later on in the game. Part of the reason people have so much trouble settling is how much micro is required to do it. You have to train the settler, wait for it to heal, then send it into the fog of war and find a safe location to settle. All this while you may be involved in combat with the opponent. However, if you've fully scouted a section of the map, then you already know where the safe locations are. All you have to do is train a settler, wait for it to heal, then give it a build settle order in a safe location. You would need to focus on the settler for 5 seconds tops, instead of the 20-30 (or more if you slam into a lair) that is required to settle in fog of war. I watch game after game where people make a settler, have it end up fortified (or even entrenched in the really bad cases), and then send it into the the fog of war to stand around for another 10-15 seconds. Or even worse, lose it to a bee hive lair. Losing themselves 75-110 gold because they didn't do a quick scouting of the back.

    So scouting offers a chance for free lairs (and as a double plus, you deny your opponent the chance to grab that lair), knowledge of what to use your units for the moment they're healed (very efficient and effective use of troops, rather than sending them into the fog of war and hoping for targets), reveals raid targets for late game, and reduced micro later on so that it's easier to build econ while fighting. Scouting well offers all of these benefits. Yet there continue to be players who don't (or barely) scout. It's absurd!
    Why is mac able to raid so effectively? Because he knows where the easy targets are. You know, the ones far away from the front, where enemy troops would not be around, and how to get there (without walking into an enemy zos).

    Just a few additional comments. When I say scouting, I mean scouting the instant you are able. as royalist, that means right at the start (not making 2 settlers. Make 1, and SCOUT so as soon as your goon ha are healed, you can attack). As council, you would train a scout the instant your first council village is complete (population 1/3) and send him off. As ceyah, 1st village complete, etc.
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