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Kohan in a company

AI Creation, Map & Mod Making
Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:14 am

  • Originally posted by Tms on the official boards:

    I made an example of what can be done. I took the basic lay-out 4-2-2, but I could mod any number of front/flank/support slots.

    Captain: Darius
    Support: Roxanna, Naava
    Flank: Javon, Ralla
    Front: Uvhati, Garadusa, Gahlen, Ruarc

    Here is how I did it.

    1) Make a new company lay-out where every slot is unique.
    2) Copy the kohans, change IDs, paths, and give them the relevant role_property (front/flank/support). Also use the K2Hero template and set Placement_group to campaign to avoid them being distributed randomly.
    3) Define the company and set recruitable to NO so it can only be placed from the editor.

    Added the txt file. To use it: download, and place it in the 'MyDocs/Kohan2/Data/DenizenCompanies' directory.

    Replacing the captain (darius) is easy. He's the only unmodded kohan. Just replace 'darius_javidan' with 'divsha' in the captain slot of the company template (bottom of the file).

    Editing the other kohans would require redoing step two; copy&paste the kohan and mod him.

    **** edit ****

    Made another version of the company with only 3 kohans (naava, ghalen and divsha). If it's still too strong you could delete the support (simply remove 'cleric' and 'sorceress' from the file and put 'null' there).

    You can only load one of the two companies at the same time (else you'll get an error, same stuff is defined twice). Install it in the same way as the last one: put it in DenizenCompanies.

    Downloads can be found here. (Kohan Company (Mod Example)
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