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Shadow Lore

PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:24 am
Author: Chimaeros

Eternal in its enmity to the Light, the Shadow seeks to extend its sway over Khaldun, so that it may prosecute war against the Creator himself. To this end, it releases pockets of energy through the fraying Veil that separates it from Khaldun. This energy is transformed through the process into twisted, corporeal forms of mottled purple flesh and glowing eyes.

Shadow creatures have an insatiable hunger. Though this hunger manifests itself often in the consumption of living flesh, this is a crude, and unsatisfying, proxy for their true desire: chaos. Cut off from their own environment, trapped in unnatural bodies, Shadow creatures, cannot ever feel comfort and thus always seek to recreate their own natural chaos in the world around them. They cannot help but destroy. The Ceyah have always been closely aligned with the Shadow.