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Human Lore

Drauga, Gauri, Haroun, Humans, Undead, Shadow: Units
Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:55 am

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    The Humans are the most populous of the mortals. Though they die in but the passing of a breath, still they spread themselves across the surface of Khaldun. Despite the many dooms that have come upon them, their insatiable hunger for expansion leads them to fear no land, no beast, no obstacle. Know also that just as they bear the likeness of the Kohan, so too do they bear all the Immortals’ glories and sins: they may be as courageous as the greatest hero or as foul as the most accursed Ceyah traitor. He who would rule must learn their ways and earn their loyalty, for it is in their numbers and foolish courage that the fate of kingdoms is shaped.


    Regicide. Near patricide. What reverence would they pay him now?

    His uncle's crown was too large when he took it from the lifeless brow, and so Xander merely held it in one hand. There was yet time before dawn. Traitors to burn, lies to spread, gold to be paid, voices to silence, and then -- what? Then he would do whatever necessary to see his kingdom restored. Even in the bloody dark, still he had his vision.

    He turned once more to Dyron Kharei, Old Dyron, King Skinflint and nodded. "I will see it done, uncle, or else join you soon enough."

    He tried the crown once more, sighed, and left the room, the fallen king, and his past behind.
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