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Gauri Lore

Drauga, Gauri, Haroun, Humans, Undead, Shadow: Units
Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:59 am

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    In the greatest mountains, more ancient than life itself and with roots deep in the earth, dwell the Gauri: rock-strong, rock-stubborn, unflinching and proud. Just as the earth does not move, so too have they remained fixed, carving their homes around themselves and keeping their own counsel. Seldom do they walk among the other mortals, and rare are the Kohan’s dealings with them. Yet they have ever been a staunch ally against the Shadow, and once their allegiance is won, it is never shaken loose. He who wins their trust may make of them the bedrock of his power.


    Now young ones, be silent and listen. Hear Khaldun's whispers, and feel the shifting of the ancient stone. Feel its strength in your bones, its ancient wisdom in your mind. For we were born of the rock, flesh from stone.

    In the ancient times, when the Saadya yet walked upon Khaldun, a dispute arose over the stone peaks of the High Reaches. Some Saadya, those who dwelled on the plains with the running beasts and shimmering grain, held that the High Reaches were lifeless and bare like the hard winter earth in need of spring. Life, they said, in abundance, should be brought to the Reaches, with the high peaks softened and the winds stilled and the cutting cold made blunt.

    Many agreed.

    Yet one Saadya, Zamara, spoke for the silent beauty of our land. In compromise, she offered to bring for life from the stone and the wind and the cold, a people to be one with the mountain and shape it with their hands and will. So from the hard rock she made their bodies, and from the glacial streams she distilled their blood, and from the howling wind she took their souls. These creatures she named the Gauri, the Stone-watchers.

    But life was not yet ours. For those were the days when the Shadow first moved against Khaldun. And our bodies and souls were left unawakened, silent in the silent stone, cold in the cold winds, alone among the lonely peaks. And so we stayed, and would have stayed for time without end, had not the Earth Brothers come upon us.

    Bound to protect Khaldun, the Trow found us as we slept and saw us as brothers, and shared with us the force of their life, and the secrets of their wise souls, and asked of us only that we watch over the mountains and the ancient halls of stone, that we sing to the restless earth and shape the jagged rock.

    Thus were we born and thus must we live.
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