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Next Level Mod

Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:25 am

  • Name: Next Level Mod
    Description: Also known as RakoMod and FlavourMod: This mod does several things.

    First is to level the playing field of the races. It will change the races in small ways to make them a little more playable in most situations. No more I got undead I can roll any one or I got human I want to quit. Hopefully a middle ground is reached.

    Second I want to change the techs some. Some need nerfing, some need changing and some will be added to make the game more interesting (if possible).

    Third I hope to add a little more variety to the unit combos by making some under used units different and hopefully more useful.

    Step by Step Directions for using Rakomod
    1) Download
    2) Download KOW
    3) Go to C:\Users\\Documents\Kohan2
    4) Right click and create new folder called “User_Mod”
    5) Right click and create new folder called “User_SAI”
    6) Double click on User_Mod folder
    7) Extract (from step 1) into the User_Mod folder
    8) Now go to C:\Program Files
    9) Right click and create new folder called “KOW Launcher”
    10) Copy files from KOW from step 2)
    11) Drag the Kow Launcher.lnk file to your desktop
    12) Double click the new shortcut created
    13) Choose RAKOMOD run program
    14) If you have issues with running the launcher you may need to install java runtime Some people are having problems with the launcher.

    If you are one then put the files from the RakoMod in a folder called data and move this folder to your mydocument\kohan2 directory.

    When you don't want to play the mod any more delete the data directory you just moved.

    File release:
    Size: 191.98 KiB

    View Download: Next Level Mod
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