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Area Effect

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Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:48 pm

  • The way area effect spells work is every target element caught within the area of effect takes the listed damage/morale loss. Now for damage, it is easy to see what happens, 5 guys get hit, 5 guys each take 10 damage. For morale though, it counts against their company. So if 5 guys get hit, it depends on how many companies they make up. If all five are in the same company, that company loses -5 morale. If 3 were in Company A and 2 in Company B, then Company A loses -3 morale and Company B loses -2. Terrify is obviously most effective when cast multiple times (by massed Fanatics) against tight crowds of enemy units.

    One thing to keep in mind is that since the enemy gains morale by killing your troops, putting Fanatics with weak front lines hampers their ability to lower the enemy's morale, since he is gaining it back quickly through your troops dying. The best bet is keeping them with high armor, high health units like Grens or Goons.

    The touchy thing here is that 2 Fanatics will deal 14 Morale to the company. In two casts that is 28 Morale and most companies start with 35-40 and rout when morale drops under 10. So you see that it would be way too powerful to double the effect, whole companies would rout in a single cast done by 2-3 Fanatics. We tested the numbers on this spell extensively during beta and the current numbers are the best solution, even 1.25 morale was deemed too much during testing. The same applies for radius, adding a 1 tile to the radius more than doubles the number of units that can be affected. The Kohan oldtimers might remember back when Conflagration was a 3 tile radius spell (whole regiments going up in flames). So it is highly unlikely this spell will be modified in any manner, if we decide to buff or nerf the Fanatic for any reason we will modify his company bonuses or Berserker's Rage spell. There you have it, straight from the dev's mouth.

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