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Experience Points (XP) Loss

Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:42 pm

  • Full disclosure: I'm not a modder.

    Is it possible to make a mod (or is there already a mod) that causes a company that gets badly beaten--but not destroyed--to take an xp penalty? It's a frustrating and immersion-breaking point in the game when an elite enemy company is losing and flees the field with a shred of hp left only to come back at full strength a few minutes later.

    It's immersion-breaking for me because of what all that xp represents. These troops have taken to the front lines multiple times. They've literally gained combat experience. Sure, they took some losses along the way, but not so much that their traditions of bravery have faded and their skills can't be passed along to new recruits. So, they gain xp. They gain so much xp that they're now an "elite" unit. A cut above fresh recruits. One day they head for a fight and are nearly massacred. In game terms, only one element with red health escapes to safety. They start recruiting and rebuild their company's numbers. Sure their numbers are replenished, but what about their skill? Only 1% of their original band escaped; the rest are now fresh recruits. And yet, they're still an elite company?

    I don't know how possible or easy it is, but I propose that companies should lose a percentage of their current xp after taking losses. There are probably dozens of ways to implement this, but here are some ideas from me:

    - The xp loss is a percentage of the current xp rather than a flat rate. A flat rate would punish companies with less xp; not what I'm looking for.
    - The xp loss doesn't kick in until resupplying begins. If no one's been recruited, yet, then all of the company is still experienced.
    - The big question: How much gets lost? I'd love to do playtesting on my own to answer this, but as I said, not a modder. My suggestion is for companies to lose a percentage of xp equal to the percentage of elements lost. For example, a long company (9 elements, including command) loses 8 elements and makes it back to supply. As each element gets regenerated, the company loses 11.1% of its xp. I understand this will result in "diminishing" penalties, but it's just for simplicity right now. So an elite company with 1000 xp in this scenario would lose 111 xp for the first recruited element, 99 for the second, and so on. In these circumstances, a company would have to lose 4 elements to lose its elite rank, and it wouldn't quite lose its veteran rank.
    - Another model could follow the idea that when a company gets nearly decimated, it's exponentially harder to communicate combat skills to the new recruits. In this case, step up the percentage with each successive loss. Something like 5% for the first loss, 10% for the second and so on.
    - With the introduction of xp loss for companies, I suppose the xp requirements for rank up may have to be reduced.

    To anyone who read my long post, thank you. I hope it was of value. Moreso, I hope someone can enact it!

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