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KoW Mods by Keith John Ness

Major features of my mods include:
- Gold-producing components are much less bountiful. This reduced gold income restores a major strategy factor that is present in the original Kohan and missing in Kohan II: the significant risk of your offensive collapsing through lack of funds if a good number of your original settlements are captured while you are on the offensive. I found it way too easy to stockpile enough gold to not care about funds in the default Kohan II.
- Resources (including company limits) come more from mines and technology lairs, and less from settlements and components. This makes the economics of the game more dynamic.

You may find yourself with a high company limit, but few materials, encouraging you to go with lots of small, cheap companies, or just the opposite; or you may find yourself with lots of one kind of material, but few of the other kinds of materials, encouraging you to work more exclusively with companies that mostly use the material you have a lot of.
- Units, militia, components, and upgrades are generally more balanced. Most notably, I reduced the movement speed of all healing Kohan to "medium", and delayed their ability to heal until they reach second level; and I reduced the movement speed of all mage and lesser cleric Kohan to "fast".
- All mines and upgraded mines have 2 militia.

Now you have a little more notice and time to respond to mine raiders before they destroy your mines.
- All non-evil barracks have 2 militia. They usually don't engage until a hostile company is inside the settlement and near the barracks. This adds variety to the effects of components.
- All technology research times increased by 2 to 10 times. These time changes make research a little more involved and balanced. - Kohan Lord level experience threshold is higher to make the late game more dynamic.

- Lots and lots of tweaks to all the SAI's that make them work better with my other changes. The default SAI does not understand a lot of my economics changes. With the changes I made to the SAI, it understands my other changes well enough to put up a decent fight (in free-for-alls, at least) when set to "Impossible" difficulty level.
- A major shortcoming of the SAI in both Kohan games is its lack of focus during early expansion. For Kohan II, I did what I could to make the SAI more focused and determined in finding, clearing, and settling settlement spots early on in the game. The results are somewhat better than the default SAI. - On my machine, I noticed that the SAI would often have trouble leaving its engineers alone long enough to finish building outposts. I did what I could to minimize this problem, while increasing the SAI's propensity to build outposts. Now outposts build twice as fast, cost half as much, and provide half the troops and area coverage per outpost. The result is that you see more networks of outposts built by the SAI.
- All SAI have hidden versions that show up as "?", so you cannot tell how they're going to play just by looking at their name.

*Note: The Kohan II SAI Creation Manual suggests that, in real-time strategy games, SAI competes with simulation and graphics processing for CPU cycles. My experience confirms this: CPU speed, map size, number of SAI opponents, graphics settings, and early game versus late game all influence RTS SAI performance significantly. I suspect that shared video-RAM versus dedicated video-RAM also influence RTS SAI performance. Aesthetics:
- All Kohan now have special, non-unique names. This is because I could not mod out the possibility of Kohans recurring across players. Okay, some of the names I chose might not be the best artistically, but at least you don't see two Jamsheed Javidans running around anymore.
- Player colors are now the six major colors of the rainbow, plus black and white. This provides the most dynamic variety of player color choices (some of my colors, for some reason, do temporarily become rainbow-colored on settlement banners during certain settlement recapture situations; a rainbow-colored banner is reset to its appropriate color by clicking a spot on the mini-map where the affected banner does not show up).
- On the mini-map, you are shades of turquoise, your allies are green, neutrals are gold, and your opponents are coral pink. These colors are smoother on the eye (my eye, anyway) than the default colors.
- A number of changes to in-game terms provide better decorum (e.g., all "race" references changed to "tribe" or "cult").

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