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Mod ID: TE

Mod Type: KAG
Mod Version:
Added: 12-21-04

Note: Mod will add new folders, Art and Data, if they do not already exist. Art includes Kohan portraits and Data adds a multimedia.ini file

Change List:
Reaver build requirements fixed
Dreads mv at 20
SDs have cost reduced to 1m, recruit cost reduced to 10g
Sar Lashkar added
Wraith MV increased to match skels (20 mv)
Shadow Captains free
Shadeling provides 120% LOS
SK stat boost to 30av/12dv 60% from ranged & captains without holy/magic vulnerabilities and require rax+smith
Lethargy reduced to 33% mv

Settles +1 GPM (+2 for town, etc etc)
Receive Pikemen (requiring wood+rax) as a starting tech
Billet provides 10gpm income (call it a tax levy)
Darya loses +2 dv at enl

Invoker provides 120% resupply
Disc to 26 mv
Elite Guards receive the proposed grenadier captain
Terrify to give 110% Frail w/ 10 second duration + WoP reduced to 120% frail and CoF increased to 175%

Global changes:
Grenadier captain added - provides 120% resupply.
Pallies/Avatars given enchant immune (MP) and lose speed increase
Gauri magic resist dropped to 25%
Marsala spells fixed
Slaan to original cost
Scout LOS provided increased to 130%

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