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KIS & KAG General Discussion

  • Here's the tl;dr - I've come up with a format to do KAG 1v1s. I intend to run a tournament in the near future, if we can get enough interested players. You can put your name on the list if you're interested. This is my attempt to breathe some fresh life into the Kohan community -- a different way of playing, and something for the community to rally behind. All skill levels are welcome!

    As many of you have seen, since I've been posting it all over, I've started a YouTube channel called Kohan Duels where I've been casting replays of 1v1s a friend and I have been doing. It's evolved into a format of playing 1v1s that I think can be balanced, fun, and competitive.

    When I say "format", the includes three things -- the starting gold, outposts, kohan, etc; the maps used; and the patches used. I explain the format in depth in this video. In that video, I say that we just use Patch 1.3.10. I've since been convinced that there will also need to be a small patch to address some specific balance concerns in 1v1s. I have a first draft of this patch here, but it will probably undergo more changes. It is used with Patch 1.3.10, not in place of it.

    I want to stress that my main motivation with this isn't to try to convince everyone that they should play the game super seriously and competitively, I just really believe that having a bit of competitive scene can add enormously to a game's community and longevity. Things can get stagnant when it's just the same groups of players playing random games here and there. With a tournament (no matter how small it is), it gives the whole community something to be involved in, whether by playing or just observing, and with constant new maps, new strategies, etc, it can give the community some momentum and drive. And it'll be fun as hell.

    Doing this will help me create a lot more content for the game, which will in turn help spread the word and bring in more players. With a tournament going on, I can be making videos casting whole games and/or doing highlights, etc. My hope would be to cast the finals live.

    So if you're interested in this project, and helping me build the Kohan community in this way, sign up! This isn't a 100% commitment to being in a tournament, just an interest check.

    All skill levels are welcome. If it sounds fun, but you don't think you're good enough, don't let that stop you! We'll all be improving our skills together. If it happens that we get people with widely disparate skills levels who sign up, we could possibly do a beginner's tournament in conjunction with an experienced players' tournament.

    I'm sure some might respond to this with "this format isn't going to be balanced", "1v1s don't work in KAG", "X build is going to be broken", etc. I'm not saying it's going to be perfect, but I think I've got a pretty good starting place. We as a community can always adjust the patch / maps in the future to continue making it more balanced, but I just want to get things started. If we do a tournament and it gets dominated by one faction or build, oh well. At least we did a tournament and got a bunch of people involved instead of just sitting around wishing there was more going on in the Kohan world.

    I don't have a definite start date, I'm just in the "collecting interest" phase. The format of the tournament will depend on how many players we get, but one thing I do know is that I'll space it out over a month or two. Many people don't have the time to play a game multiple nights a week, so it'll probably be the kind of thing where round pairings are posted, then the players have a week to get their matches done, then move on to the next round the following week. This will also make it easier for players in different time zones to coordinate.

    Thanks so much for reading, look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield. Here's all the relevant links posted again:

    Google Drive link w/ Maps, Patch, and Sign-up sheet: ... QqA-o-DKmW
    YouTube Channel: ... gdk7LaBHBQ
    Kohan Duels Format Explanation + Maps:
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