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Campaign savegame question...

KIS/KAG User to User Support
Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:54 am

  • Hello there !

    Though I bought KIS on the shelves so many years ago, I only recently took some time to actually play its campaign and recently finished mission 8. Now here's the catch : I missed a Kohan amulet on the map (Sarai Marusek), noticed it shortly afterwards while browsing information online, and therefore went back (during my next gaming session) to my saved games, in order to correct that slight oversight. Not that it matter enormously, I guess, but oh well, you know that 'completionist' urge ^^...
    But much to my surprise - when was the last time I witnessed a game structured like that ? -, reloading previous saved games doesn't modify the (locked) starting status of the next missions. Which means that once you've finished a mission (for the first time), anything you've missed will be gone for good during the rest of your campaign (except if the next map includes it as a starting condition of course), no matter how many saved games you could load to correct that. Talk about a weird unforgiving approach... So, more out of curiosity than anything and knowing how IA files are easy to modify, I (unsuccessfully) tried to mess a bit with the campaign ones... No dice : *.tgc and *.tgu files seem mostly unreadable with the classic (Notepad ++ & Co) editors. So I considered cheat commands... and regarding KAG, a Kohan amulet (random !) generator does exist. Unfortunately, this one doesn't work in KIS... So, in this case (as an example), if I really wanted to see that Kohan hero in my campaign - for I checked, the next maps apparently don't include Sarai Marusek by default -, the only method would be to start a new campaign game, type "yeahbam" a couple of times until I reach the same point, find the said amulet , then type "burrito4" for each technology supposedly found up to that point, and... obviously level-up again everyone during the next missions, since there isn't a command for that. A bit convoluted... and considering I still have half a campaign to play, plus the KAG ones, it may not be the last time I face that issue.

    So, well, I could (almost) perfectly live with the idea of just playing like that - *coughs coughs* -, but I thought I'd ask here, just in case Chimaeros or a modding veteran read this and has a marvelous idea to add elements in saved games, knows another editor to build a new one from scratch or a method to breach that locked campaign status... Any suggestion would be welcomed.
    Anyway, take care of yourselves people !


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Sun Feb 28, 2021 7:08 pm

  • Well, I have no marvelous ideas :) But I will think on it. I think the cheat codes may be the only way to go.

    Yeah, those .tgc and .tgu files seem to have been compiled using some TimeGate proprietary thing.
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